The academic year is divided into two semesters: September–January and February–June. Our academic calendar features an overview of activities, public holidays, exam periods, graduation ceremonies and breaks. 

Academic year 2020-2021

Enrolment and bridging activities 2020

First Semester 2020-2021

  • 21 September 
    Start of academic year
    Welcome activities
  • 22 September  
    Start classes first semester
  • 24 September 
    Opening ceremony academic year and Studay (no lessons)
  • 2 October 
    End of application period for special facilities 
  • 14 October 
    End of enrolment period for the academic year 
  • 2 November 
    UAntwerp closed (All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day) 
  • 3-6 November
    Open days
  • 11 November 
    UAntwerp closed (Armistice) 
  • 15 November 
    SisA deadline to register for first semester standard facilities
  • 23-26 November 
    Bloedserieus blood collections days
    Register now

  • 1 December 
    Deadline for publication of first semester exam schedules
  • 24 December - 3 January 
    UAntwerp closed (CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS)

  • 21 December - 3 January 
    CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS for the students

  • 4 January 
    Start of exam period first semester
  • 15 January 
    Start of enrolment period for the second semester
  • 30 January
    ​End of first semester exam period
  • 1-5 February 

Second Semester 2021

  • 8 February 
    Start classes second semester
  • 12 February 
    Deadline for publication of first semester results
  • 15-19 February
    Open days
  • 24 February 
    Talent Forum for students and alumni: no afternoon classes for Master Programmes 
  • 15 March
     SisA deadline to register for second semester standard facilities 
  • 1 April
    Honorary degrees: no afternoon classes for the Bachelor Programmes, no morning and afternoon classes for the Master Programmes
    Latest date of publication of second semester exam schedules 
    Gocart Race: no afternoon classes at Campus Middelheim, Campus Groenenborger and Campus Drie Eiken
  • 3-5 April 
    UAntwerp closed (Easter holidays)
  • 3-18 April 
    EASTER BREAK for students
  • 21 April 
    Fiesta Mundial (no afternoon classes on Campus Drie Eiken, Campus Groenenborger, Campus Middelheim) 
  • 1 May 
    UAntwerp closed (Labour Day)
  • 13-15 May
    UAntwerp closed (Ascension Day)
  • 22-24 May 
    UAntwerp closed (Whit Monday)
  • 25 May 
    Start of second semester exam period
  • 26 June
    End of second semester exam period
  • 2 July 
    Deliberation and announcement exam results

Summertime and second exam period 2021

  • 14 July
    Registration deadline for second exam period in SisA (with participation guarantee)
  • 15 July 
    SisA deadline to register for second exam period standard facilities
  • 21 July 
    UAntwerp closed (Belgian National Day)
  • 1 August
    Deadline for publication of second exam period detailed schedule
  • 21 August
    Registration deadline for second exam period in SisA (without participation guarantee)
  • 23 August 
    Start of second exam period
  • 11 September 
    End of second exam period
    Deliberation and announcement exam results
  • 18 September 
    Deadline for publication of second semester exam results
  • 20-24 September 

Start of academic year 2021-2022

  • 27 September 2021
    Start of academic year