Here are some indications which will allow you to calculate your own budget. We differentiate between the cost of studying, which is a direct consequence of your actual studies (enrolment, text books and courses, housing and transport), and the cost of living, which always arises regardless of the situation (food, leisure).

Tuition fees (includes your enrolment and your exam fees)

  • Students with a nationality of a member state of the European Union pay the same tuition fees as Belgians. If you are a recognised refugee or receiving subsidiary protection (Dutch: subsidiaire bescherming) or have a permanent residence permit then you will also pay the same tuition fee as Belgians.  If you do not meet the requirements for receiving a scholarship from the Government of Flanders or if you receive a scholarship from another institution or government (e.g. the Dutch Government or other) then you will not be eligible for reduced tuition fees.
    Students with a nationality from states outside the European Union sometimes have to pay a higher tuition fee, depending on the programme.
    Check the website for a complete overview of all tuition fees and more information about the calculation of the fees.
  • International students can contact the International Student Office for individual cost estimates.

The costs associated with study materials (text books, courses, photocopies, print-outs and so on)

  • These costs vary depending on your programme. You can ask your Faculty more about the cost of your programme.
  • You also need to take into account the cost of course materials you will print out yourself from Blackboard (= approximately € 100).

Transport costs

These are different for every student and depend on where you live and which means of transport you use. It is impossible to give an average. On your way to campus

Rental price of a room (student housing)

Be aware that the average price  for a student room with a shared bathroom and a shared kitchen is 390 EUR/month. The average price for a studio with a private bathroom and/or a private kitchen is 450 EUR/month. In most cases costs like internet, water, gas, electricity and heating are not included. 

Your landlord can charge a fixed amount for utilities such as heating, electricity, water etc. or work with a provisional charge. The provisional charge is paid in advance and actual usage amounts are calculated at the end of the lease. Avoid any nasty surprises and ensure you clarify which of these two systems will be applied before you sign a lease.

Cost of living (in student housing)

  • Food
    The price of the university restaurant's dish of the day is between €3,20 and €5,20. The price is linked to the real food cost.
  • Leisure costs
    These depend on the activities you choose. There are special student offers in terms of sports and culture: the UAntwerp plus pass and the culture vouchers.