The Special Collections department hosts the following projects:


The Special Collections department regularly takes in intern studying literature, art history, library science, etc. Those interested can contact the curator.

Internships 2014-now:

  1. Karolina Andersdotter (Uppsala University, Zweden), Special Collections, University Library of Antwerp (research internship, October-November 2014)
  2. Lotte Feremans (KULeuven), preparation of an object catalogue for the art collection of the University of Antwerp (Kunst op de Campus) (operational internship, October-December 2014)
  3. Sarah Adams (UGent), Looking at the Other: geography and ethnography in the Special Collections (research internship, February-April 2015)
  4. Lore Michiels (UGent), Illustrations in the Gielen Collection (research internship, February-April 2015)
  5. Shana Van Hauwermeiren (UGent), The Early Modern Perception of Animals (operational internship, November-December 2016)
  6. Mathias Boel (CVO Volt), Registration of data concerning catalographical objects in Brocade: analysis and synthesis in view collection policies (research internship, April 2017)
  7. Arnaud Manise (UAntwerpen), Wikimedia and the Print Room of the UAntwerpen (research internship, February-March 2018)
  8. Silke Geven (UAntwerpen), Bijzondere Collecties voor kinderen (onderzoeksstage, februari-maart 2019)
  9. Lucia Giagnolini (University of Bologna, Italië), Data mining research: a casestudy on Sammelbände (onderzoeksstage, februari-maart 2020)
  10. Emi Bogaerts (UAntwerpen), Ontsluiting van collectiebeschrijvingen (masterstage opleiding geschiedenis, februari-april 2020)
  11. Julie Hardy (UAntwerpen), Gastcurator Bijzondere Collecties in functie van Erfgoeddag (masterstage opleiding geschiedenis, februari-april 2020)