Laser Capture Micro Dissection

Laser Capture Micro Dissection

Laser capture micro dissection is a state-of-the-art technique allowing for selectively extracting biological material from a microscopy slide. The microscopic image is used to guide a computer controlled laser that cuts out the selected cell / region. Once collected the material can be further processed for quantitative RT-PCT or Western blot analysis. The technique is particular useful to phenotype specific regions of tumors.

The laboratory for cell Biology and Histology also uses the laser capture dissection technique to study Neuro Epithelial Bodies (NEB) in the lung.

Molecular Biology techniques

Several other techniques related to cell and molecular biology are available: quantitative RT-PCR can be performed (Roche Lightcycler 1.5 system) to quantify mRNA gene expression, Western blotting, ELISA, etc.


Laser Capture Dissection