Having trouble selecting courses? Then you should definitely check out ‘Kijk op kiezen: stappenplan voor studie- en beroepskeuze’.


‘Kijk op Kiezen’ is a simple, user-friendly workbook developed by the University of Antwerp's Study Advice and Student Counselling Service. The workbook helps you better understand who you are, what you are capable of and what you want. Getting to know yourself better is an essential part of making good study and career choices.

The workbook not only allows you to get an overview of the study choices available, but also introduces you to your options on the labour market. While a particular programme won't necessarily lead to a particular job, the two are closely linked. In other words, you need to ask yourself how you hope to use your degree in your future career.

Who for?

The workbook was initially developed for secondary school and higher education students but it can also be a useful tool for teachers in general and technical secondary education, student support centre staff and student counsellors who give guidance to pupils and students about their study and career choices. The workbook is written in Dutch.


Interested? Then head over to the University of Antwerp's Student Information Point (STIP). A copy costs €10 and can be purchased from the STIP desk or even by email.