Are you a lateral entrant? This means you have already taken some higher education courses but you now want to get your first degree or an additional Bachelor or Master.

Lateral entrants are students who wish to start a Bachelor or Master programme taking their previous qualifications or competences into account.

  • A previously acquired qualification might be a credit certificate which you obtained in another programme or at another university or university college. They could also be certificates obtained after a formal learning programme (e.g. postgraduate studies, public employment coaching, etc.)
  • A previously acquired competence is one you have acquired through your professional activities, while volunteering, during your free time and so on. You can obtain recognition for such competences from the Antwerp University Association (AUHA), which will issue you with a competence certificate (‘bewijs van bekwaamheid’).

You are a lateral entrant if:

  • you already have a candidate or licentiate degree and wish to take an adapted Bachelor or Master programme.
  • you already have a professional or academic Bachelor degree and wish to obtain a different kind of Bachelor.
  • you already have a professional Bachelor and wish to enrol in a bridging programme before taking a Master.
  • you already have an academic Bachelor or Master and wish to enrol in a preparatory programme before taking a Master that is not immediately related to your Bachelor degree.
  • you have previously taken courses in higher education and earned a number of study credits and now wish to resume your studies.

The faculties will only grant exam exemptions on the basis of previously acquired qualifications and competence certificates.