Visiting a General Practitioner / Campus doctor

Responsibility for students' health has been transferred to a network of general practitioners near the campuses: the aim is to ensure that the partner GPs see their students/patients as quickly as possible, even though they are not officially registered at the practice. These GPs charge a normal fee, which is then reimbursed for the most part by your health insurance fund.
You can be referred to these General Practitioners by the STudentInformationPoint.

For your medical assistance, the University of Antwerp has also engaged six Campus doctors. They are there to offer consultation online. Should you have any medical questions or concerns, Covid-19 related or other, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment. In case a physical examination is deemed necessary, the Campus doctor will refer you to a local general practitioner and set up the appointment for you.  

Our Campus doctors are available Monday through Friday. Appointments are available through Appointments made before 11 a.m. should ensure a consultation the same day. Appointments made later in the day might result in a wait of approximately one day. Payment (20 €) can be made by debit/credit card or by Paypal.  

For more information or questions you can contact the STudentInformationPoint (STIP).