1st Antwerp Summer School on Philosophy and Society 2016: Political Myth, Propaganda, and the Politics of Imagination

From 22 till 30 August 2016 the summer school offered a 7-day intensive programme, with leading international scholars in the fields of the philosophy of political myth and the philosophy of propaganda: Chiara Bottici (The New School for Social Research), Benoît Challand (The New School for Social Research), Angus Nicholls (Queen Mary University of London) and Jason Stanley (Yale University). 

2nd Antwerp Summer School on Philosophy and Society 2017: The right to be loved

From 21 till 30 August 2017 the summer school offered an 8-day intensive programme, dedicated to the topic of love as a matter of rights and duties, with leading international philosophers  in the fields of meta-ethics (Stephen Darwall, Yale University), moral psychology (Maureen Sie, Tilburg University; S. Matthew Liao, NYU; Edward Harcourt, University of Oxford; Vasudevi Reddy, University of Portsmouth) and the philosophy of love (Carrie Jenkins, University of British Columbia).

3rd Antwerp Summer School on Philosophy and Society 2019: The Enlightenment in Current Public Debate

From 27 August till 5 September 2019 the summer school offered a two-week programme dedicated to the Enlightenment in Current Public Debate, with leading international experts James Schmidt (Boston University) and Ann Thomson (European University Institute) and guest lectures by amongst others Arthur Cools, Petra Van Brabandt and Koen Verrycken.